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Corporate Office


Ghaziabad, UP


9000 Sqft (BUA)

Breathe Easy HQ

Industrialist style at its peak

Placed in the industrial complex of Sahibabad, this site was 9000 sq.ft. of raw old industrial shed that desperately needed refurbishing. Instead of tearing the place down, we used the existing envelope and juxtaposed new materials against the rawness of the old walls.

The area was split into two parts - front for warehouse and the back for the office. To provide more storage, a mezzanine level was created above by raising the old roof by 2.5 feet. This also served the dual purpose of providing natural light too.

As the name suggests, the company provides HVAC solutions that provide clean fresh air, with controlled oxygen levels. The interior needed a lot of care and repair to make sure we don’t have any unwanted particles in the air that would spoil this sample office the client wanted to create for their visitor experience.

With this in mind, an exposed industrial look was totally called for and to make it pop further, we painted the duct our favourite-yellow. It serves an aesthetic purpose and catches the visitor’s eyes to the business of our client.

Project Gallery

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