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Retail Franchise




200-600 Sqft

Bakingo Franchise

Powerful Identity - High Wattage Design

We call this the puzzle project !

Bakingo approached us to design and assist with their flagship franchise store along with the subsequent expansion Pan india.

Our objective was to create Unique brand identifiers that could be assembled like a jigsaw in any given site size and scenarios. With this we as the principal architects and Interior design consultants helped our client achieve their goal and also assisted with fabrication for some of the stores

The interior space reflects the lively delicacies and products, with the goal of creating an immersive and engaging environment. It’s a fantastical state of mind that arouses curiosity and enthusiasm to enjoy the product and brand.

A distinctive brand identity was established with a pastel color palette of pink and yellow. The subtle fluting accents on the counter and walls enhance the coherence of the overall space. The circular seating offers a cozy photo booth space and fosters social media branding.

The circular wall adornments, consistent with the gentle forms employed, are an effective means of conveying Bakingo as a brand and their meticulousness with the process of baking.

Pastel Yellow emerged as a remedy to the creaminess and sweetness of pastel pink, and provided a vivid, high intensity color scheme! The cheerful soothing interior environment of the bakery continues to the exterior, creating a unified design language. The fluted design detail creates a simple, yet strong element of identity, that is coherent in interior & exterior design.

The bakery signages are designed deliberately to capture attention after thorough analysis on movement within the space and interaction with bakery products.

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