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Corporate Office (Design&Build)


Defence Colony, New Delhi


1600 Sqft.

Akar Advertising Corporate HQ

A workspace that inspires

Akar Advertising is a leading digital marketing agency that offers creative solutions for various clients across different industries. They approached us to create a new corporate headquarters that reflects their brand identity, values, and vision.

The project involved transforming a 1600 sqft office space in Defence Colony, South Delhi, into a modern and efficient workspace. The main challenge was to create an open and flexible environment that encourages collaboration, communication, and creativity among the employees. The theme was modern corporate office, with a touch of flair and personality.

We managed to maximize the natural light, ventilation, and space utilization of the office through effectively applying our sustainability design principles. The layout features an open plan with flexible workstations, meeting rooms, breakout areas, and a reception. The design also incorporates elements of biophilia, such as plants, wood, and stone, to create a sense of connection with nature and enhance the well-being of the staff.

Corporate Office Interiors Design and Build

The result is a modern and efficient workspace that showcases the Akar Advertising brand and culture. The office is not only functional, but also stylish and inviting. It provides a conducive environment for the employees to work, learn, and grow together.

Project Gallery

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